spyware doctor review is so good in pc magazine

No one know even they have a pc at their home what would be the benefit of it and how it can be used and what is the advantage of having a pc at home etc. Only some educated people they use the pc just for sending letters by postal mail. They type the letters in the pc, and they take the print out and send it by courier or postal service. When the days are changed they used it for sending email s to friends and relatives, now the situation is completely changed many people know to log on chat site and see their friends available to chat and communicate things every day. The spyware doctor is required in the pc for above things. All the email servers produce the virus, and the chat servers sends the spy virus if it is not noticed and stopped it would affect the window first and later it would hard ware’s slowly. We need to spend more money for not stopping the virus. This would be unwanted expense and waste of our time and money, to avoid such things it is wise to spend just thirty four dollars and install the spyware doctor.