Ordering Number Plates on the Computer

When my wife told me she was ordering our plates online, I asked her which company she was going to use. She sent me the following link, https://www.gbshowplates.co.uk, and I went there just to make sure she was ordering from a reputable company. She is the more savvy shopper when it comes to online purchases, but I am more car savvy and have more business sense when it comes to things like that. I looked over the site, and I saw nothing wrong with it. In fact, I was actually impressed that she was able to find this when she usually leaves things like this for me to handle.

The main thing I wanted to make sure was that the plate would be legal to have on the road. I know a lot of places make decorative show plates, and I also know that those are not road legal. Now, this company does make those kinds of plates too, but the numbers plate that my wife was going to order were absolutely road legal. It meets all of the requirement that the government wants, and for good reason too.

The size is right, and the font also meets the proper requirements. They even make sure that the plates meet the compliance requirements for reflection. I started looking through the site even though she was the one who was going to order the plate for our vehicle. I just liked that site, especially the part where they do show plates too. I let her handle the one for our car that we use daily, but I ended up ordering one of the show plates for the car that my father and I restoring together. They were just too nice to not order one, and my dad likes the look of it too!